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 Welcome to the Sectoral approaches to LLL e-Community
Welcome to the Sectoral Approaches to Lifelong Learning e-Community.

Loukas Zahilas

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This e-Community was set up to support the work on development of sectoral qualifications in line with the Copenhagen Process.
The Copenhagen declaration on increased co-operation in vocational education and training (November 2002) states that increased attention should be given "...to the development of competences and qualifications at sector level, by reinforcing co-operation and co-ordination especially involving the social partners. Several initiatives on a Community, bilateral and multilateral basis, including those already identified in various sectors aiming at mutually recognised qualifications, illustrate this approach."

This e-Community serves as a platform with several purposes:
* to facilitate work on issues related to development of sectoral qualifications;

* to display the results of the ongoing mapping of initiatives and projects on development of competences and qualifications at European sectoral level;

* to enable exchange of views and experiences both within the social partners organisations at European sectoral and national level, and other stakeholders in the field of vocational education and training.