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 Welcome to the Thematic Country Review – Lithuania e-Community

Welcome to the Thematic Country Review – Lithuania e-Community!

This is a restricted community, accessible only to the members of the Steering group and the Cedefop team.

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Cedefop Contact: Irina Jemeljanova
(irina.jemeljanova (at) cedefop.europa.eu)

The community supports Cedefop's thematic country review on apprenticeship in Lithuania.

Cedefop will conduct in-depth review of national developments on apprenticeships schemes/programmes while considering contextual factors. The review will take place in a participatory approach that will allow to obtain opinions from a broad range of stakeholders and (potential) beneficiaries. The review will be conducted by the Cedefop experts (assisted by an external contractor). The Steering group comprised from key stakeholders will oversee and coordinate the implementation and validate the results of the review and possible solutions.

The country review is a pilot exercise and, depending on results, it can applied in other European countries.